Dr. Susan Lim is a Native of Singapore

Posted by Admin - November 19th, 2011

When you are having surgery done, no matter how minor or major, you want to know that the person you are trusting with the scalpel is a skilled surgeon. In Dr. Susan Lim’s case, none of her patients have to worry about that because she is indeed a highly qualified surgeon.

Dr. Susan Lim is a particularly well-regarded surgeon in Asia because she was the first surgeon on that continent to successfully perform a liver transplant. Dr. Lim was able to perform that liver transplant in 1990.

Dr. Susan Lim is a native of Singapore, having been born and raised there and still lives there now. She attended the Singapore Chinese Girls’ School for primary instruction and then attended The Raffles Institution. She later attended Monash University in Australia where she studied medicine thanks to a scholarly provided by the Colombo Plan in 1974.

In 2003, Dr. Susan Lim started a company called Stem Cell Technologies that specialized in biotechnology. In 2004 she joined Trinity College at the University of Melbourne in Australia as a Fellow, a position she very much enjoyed.

Dr. Susan Lim is a member of the Global Advisory Council of an organization called the International Society for Stem Cell Research 2011. She works mainly at Gleneagles Hospital and Mount Elizabeth Hospital, two of Singapore’s premier hospitals.